Dental Cleanings

One of the most important parts of any dental care plan is your regular cleaning with an experienced dental hygienist. At Gilbert Road Dental Care, our hygienists are known for providing thorough-yet-gentle cleanings so our patients can have a clean and renewed smile every six months.

Our skilled hygienists – like the rest of the team here at Gilbert Road Dental Care– get to know our patients. We’ll work with you to make sure that you are getting the best dental visit possible by giving you a very thorough cleaning and teaching you about good habits and thorough techniques in the process.

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Why Are Regular Cleanings Needed?

You brush your teeth twice every day and floss every night exactly as directed by your hygienist. If you are taking such great care of your teeth, then why is it necessary to go back to the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning?

Even with the best technique and the best toothbrush, you may still be missing areas on your teeth and just below the gumline. This isn’t a reflection on you; it’s simply that your teeth aren’t uniform, and it is difficult to clean part of every tooth. This is especially true if your teeth are slightly crooked, crowded or have some gaps.

Plaque builds up on a portion of the tooth that has not been completely cleaned. Eventually, this plaque hardens into tartar. This process takes time, but the tartar cannot be removed with a toothbrush. Professional instruments are required. When tartar sits on the tooth’s surface for a long time, it eats into the tooth and cavities can form. After this, gum disease can begin to develop, and we don’t want that to happen.

The American Dental Association recommends that everyone have a professional cleaning every six months, and we agree with this recommendation. Sometimes it’s appropriate for more frequent cleanings in the case that you’ve missed a few cleanings and have significant tartar buildup or if we are treating you for gum disease. If Dr. Gardner and our staff feel that you would benefit from more frequent cleanings, we’ll discuss this with you.

What Can I Expect During A Cleaning?

Usually, a cleaning starts with an ultrasonic instrument that removes pieces of tartar from the surface of your teeth. Your hygienist also uses water to rinse away the bits of tartar and to keep the area in your mouth an appropriate temperature. You’re probably familiar with the whistling sound this instrument makes; it’s one of the most distinctive noises that people hear in a dental office.

The next phase of your dental cleaning involves your hygienist using a fine hand-held instrument, and going over your teeth to look for smaller deposits of tartar that were missed by the previous ultrasonic instrument. Your hygienist will delicately remove these tiny tartar deposits from the surface of your teeth and beneath the gumline.

Once all the plaque and tartar have been cleaned away from the surface of your teeth, your teeth will be polished. The dental hygienist uses a device with a small rubber head and a gritty paste. This special type of gritty paste polishes your teeth so that they are smooth, shiny – and feel amazing and fresh.

Your hygienist will also discuss your home care habits with you during your appointment. As you discuss your daily dental hygiene, you will be provided with suggestions for improving your routine and your technique.

Are you wondering if you are due for your next cleaning? Even if it’s been awhile, give Gilbert Road Dental Care a call today at 480-649-7200 to schedule your appointment. Your teeth always appreciate a fresh start.

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