Gilbert-Arizona-Dental-Cleaning-and-Prevention-1024x1024Gilbert Road Dental urges that dental cleanings play a key role in the health and vitality of our smile.

Skipping a dental cleaning often leads to a lengthy lapse in dental care, causing people to wait until something feels wrong before they head back to the dental office. By scheduling your cleanings ahead of time, you can benefit from:

  • Preventive cleanings that deter gum disease
  • Diagnostic x-rays that pinpoint tooth decay as early as possible
  • Oral cancer screenings before symptoms arise
  • Comprehensive dental exams that minimize treatment needs

Having a dental check-up and cleaning every 6 month will allow your dentist to identify symptoms or problems that lead to more invasive dental concerns. Sometimes these areas are completely reversible! For instance, early signs of enamel demineralization can be treated with an affordable fluoride varnish, but waiting until they become sensitive could mean a large filling is necessary.

If it Doesn’t Hurt Then Why Bother?

The same can be said for small cavities that are hardly noticeable. Most people think, “if it doesn’t hurt, why bother fixing it?” Unfortunately a small symptom-free cavity can quickly become an abscessed tooth in need of a root canal. By seeing your dentist for a routine exam, you would have been able to save your tooth from unnecessary treatment and your wallet from an unexpected charge.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure

Even if you don’t mind paying for various treatments or procedures, preventive care will keep your teeth stronger. Avoiding bone loss and gum disease will prevent your teeth from becoming mobile and eventually falling out. Yes, you could pay for restorative procedures that rebuild your smile, but nothing is quite as good as having the real thing – that is, your natural teeth!

You Pay for it Anyway

If you are investing in a dental insurance policy, you are simply throwing money away by skipping your preventive care exams. The monthly policy that you invest in will typically provide adequate preventive services twice each year. Otherwise it is simply pointless to invest in the dental plan at all. Over time this keeps your cost of dental care as low as possible and reduces the amount of treatment appointments that you require in the future.

This post is a featured article from Dr. Jason Perkins Q located in Mesa Arizona.